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Reviving 4000 Years of Mexican Cacao History

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360° Mexican Cacao

At Revival Cacao Mexico we are determined to bring back Mexican cacao to its former glory by unlocking the full potential of the whole fruit. 

How do we achieve it? We make the most of the cacao pod’s husk, pulp, and cacao beans. We are the first Mexican company that offers a 360º flavor experience with our three product families: Cacao beans for bean-to-bar, Upcycled cacao pulp and husk products, and Chocolate for business-to-business. 

Welcome to the Revival of Mexican Cacao in 360º

Interview with Alejandro from Revival Cacao Mexico
Bean To Bar World

Interview with Alejandro from Revival Cacao Mexico

In this interview we learn about why Alejandro started his business Revival Cacao Mexico (Euro-American Cacao Company) working with cacao growers in Tabasco and Soconusco and the work he's doing there. The conversation is peppered with lots of great information about the history, genetics, and culture of cacao and chocolate in Mexico today. To order cacao or lean more, visit If you enjoy learning about various chocolate makers and others in the industry, visit my website to watch more videos, learn for free at the learning centre, and download the Bean To Bar World App to connect with makers near you! 0:00 Introduction 0:25 How Alejandro got started 3:55 Alejandro starts his own chocolate making business in Mexico 5:19 Going from making chocoolate to supporting the farmers 8:43 Mexico is a net importer of cacao 9:30 Cacao lavado and domestic drinking chocolate in Mexico 16:10 Romanticising traditions in Mexico 17:25 Criollo or "white" cacao from an evolutionary perspective 20:59 Criteria for choosing Mexican cacao 25:44 Varieties vs populations of varieties 26:37 Chocolate origin ideas 28:45 Varieties of cacao in Mexico today 29:35 Fermenting cacao with a mixture of genetics 33:37 Good quality cacao has to be co-op based or single estate 38:59 Selling price of Mexican cacao vs Mexican cacao 42:46 A boom of bean-to-bar craft chocolate making in Mexico 46:46 Mexican cacao production falling 48:04 Makers buying from wholesalers vs direct 58:10 Value added cacao products made in Mexico 1:02:40 Cacao in mexico is part of food culture 1:06:27 Modern day food culture in Mexico & elsewhere 1:10:14 Ingredients matter 1:12:00 Aging cacao farmers in Mexico is an issue 13:52:00 Other products Revival Cacao Mexico currently sells 1:18:52 Theobroma bicolor - cacao's cousin 1:24:29 Goals for Revival Cacao Mexico 1:27:00 Tobasco Cacao 1:29:15 Cacao for drinking chocolate (cacao lavado) vs cacao for eating chocolate 1:38:20 Traditions of food making and quality of ingredients 1:41:13 How to contact with Revival Cacao Mexico
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